Buying a used prepaid Pantech Caper on Ebay

I'm looking to upgrade my phone and I found the pantech Caper on verizon, but noticed it was sold out. I found it on Ebay but, I am a little confused on how I would activate it or add it to my account since it's been used. I plan on using it with the 50$ unlimited plan. If anyone can help that would be nice.

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Re: Buying a used prepaid Pantech Caper on Ebay
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You can call the prepaid number at 1-888-284-6804, if your transferring the phone number from another cell be sure to backup your accounts before deactivating the old cell, once you change the number all your info will be lost. If your a new customer just call the prepaid number and they can get you activated, you will need to have either a prepaid card or Debit, or Charge number to active the phone.