Calls I didn't make...

I wasn't sure where to put this, but the customer service rep I talked to suggested I post my issue. I have a Verizon prepaid and noticed two calls on my account which I never made and was charged for. After explaining it to the rep, he credited my account for the calls but I'm still left wondering why this happened and if there is any way to prevent it from happening again. I was at work the day the calls were made, my phone was turned off and at home and I'm positive nobody had access to it because I live alone and always lock my house. The calls were both showing as outbound calls to the number 312-339-3700. I did a Google search on this number and it appears other Verizon prepaid customers have had the same issue with this number. Anyone know whats going on?

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Re: Calls I didn't make...

I see that number all over the search results as well and all say the number is based in Chicago.  The only reference I could find to any charge for .69 cents was related to Canadian roaming fees.  Thing is, if those calls on your bill are outbound I can see there being a charge, but I can't explain why you would make that call.  I believe the number is a wireless number and bouncing off a Canadian tower and is charging you for that call.  The only other reference is to an old 2006 Family Plan on Verizon where roaming is .69 cents per min.  Are you on the currently offered $45/$60 unl talk and text 1GB/2GB plan or an older prepaid plan maybe?  The current Canadian plan is .29, but that's while in Canada though, not calling Canada.  However, in this case, that number you called IS roaming, so I can see the charge making sense, but not WHY your phone would make the call.  It's possible too, that there are some similarities to other numbers you've called and too....sometimes the info sent to Verizon about activity on the line is hours or days behind in reporting, especially if it is off-network use.

I had a friend that was charged international rates for texting an ATT number in Virginia with a Virginia, USA number, despite having a postpaid unlimited texting plan.  I might see if this happens again next month and really make sure you know the numbers calling and the call log isn't tampered with.  Could be spoofing, but while it isn't rare, it's harder to do nowdays.