Calls drop on only one phone in household

my wife and I both have Verizon pre paid plans in zip code 23112.  We both had galaxy s4 phones. Mine works fine all the time but hers would drop calls like crazy.  anywhere in the house all times of day, inside and outside, but only while at home.  She will drop a call multiple times in a single 3 min phone call.

We discussed with our local Verizon store and they put in a ticket to have the tower checked out. I thought it may bea phone problem so we swapped s4 phones and still the phone she was using dropped calls and the one I was using didn't.  I finally decided to try an entirely new phone and purchased a new iPhone 5s and it is still dropping calls at the same rate.

any thoughts from the community? Any chance it is something tied to the phone number or something else unique that would have carried from phone to phone to phone?

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Re: Calls drop on only one phone in household
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Oh my! Having dropped calls with different phones is definitely puzzling. Please reach back out to our Pre Paid Specialists from a different phone so they can troubleshoot this further for you. They can be reached at 888-294-6804.

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