Can Anyone Help Me With this Question?

I have a question. I just switched over to a prepaid Verizon phone, due to dropping my smart phone in the water. Well this prepaid plan and phone is way different from my smart phone when I had pageplus (another prepaid service). Well on my smart phone I could download Free Apps on the playstore with no charge and now I have this Basic Phone and I don't have play store obviously. Well I wanted to download music, but I have to use V-Cast so I entered that and found a few ringtones I wanna buy, but how does that work when it's a prepaid phone? I didn't have this problem with my Droid X2 because I simply downloaded a free music app. But if I were to buy ringtones from the v-cast, how does that work? Does it charge me and I have to pay it out right like with my debit card? Or does it take it from my mins? I'm not to sure how it works. I have the 35 dollar prepaid plan with unlimited text and web and 500 talk mins. So does it take it away from my 500 talk mins? And if so how much does it take away from that each time I purchase a ringtone? Or does it take it off next time I gotta buy a refill card for mins? If you could share any info on what you have about this, I'd be so thankful. =]

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Re: Can Anyone Help Me With this Question?

I would suspect it would come off your current balance you have on the phone