Can I Transfer From A Prepaid Plan To Just Purchasing Minutes?

i just bought a Verizon flip-phone (I know, I know, but not all of us can afford a smartphone). I think I may have locked myself into a Prepaid Plan, but what I really wanted was the ability to just buy minutes every 3 mos. or so. I thought I was doing that last evening, charging $30 to my cc, but I'm now getting a message saying I don't have enough funds left to use my phone. This despite a receipt showing I'm good until Jan 2017 now. ?? This is my only phone! Help!

And, how can you actually contact Verizon on-line w/questions like this? I searched the site & finally gave up.

Thank you!

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Re: Can I transfer from a Prepaid Plan to just buying minutes
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This is a good question. I know how much having a prepaid set of minutes loaded into the phone is an excellent way to budget your wireless bill. I want you to have all of the correct information. Please reach out to our Prepaid CS Dept. at 888-294-6804 Sun-Sat 6:00AM-2:00AM ET. I apologize, but you have reached the post-pay dept.

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Re: Can I transfer from a Prepaid Plan to just buying minutes

Verizon no longer has a minute plan. The minimum is the $30 per 30 days

ATT still has minute plans $100 holds your line for the whole year.