Can I change my current plan to prepaid plan without changing my cell phone number?


2 days ago, I got my SSN number. So, I rushed to Verizon shop.

So, I decided to make a new line for my old phone which is unlocked( S9+ , I bought this on AMAZON)

After some brief instruction, I had a contract with Solution Specialist to make a GO unlimited plan

Pay is roughly 80$ per month.

But, after then, I realized that it is quite burdened to me to pay 80$ per month.

and I found a prepaid plan which offers a reasonable price.

So, if then, Can I change my plan to prepaid while using my old phone without changing my number which is the GO unlimited plan.

I just want to reduce my monthly fee. But, I also don't want to change my current cell phone number.

Is there a way to do this?


Furthermore, I want an In-Home service like the internet.

So, if I have a plan in Verizon, is there any discount on In-Home services?

like free rental Router or discounting monthly pay?