Can I get a new phone for my pre-paid plan online?

I'm a pre-paid customer with a basic phone that I've had for a couple of years now. I'd like to update it.

There is a Verizon Store where I live, I've been there twice. Each time I walked in and someone told me that the waiting period is on the scale of an hour or more. Then I walk out.

Is it possible to do this online and through the mail? It seems like the easiest way to get my phone updated is to get one from a different vendor and have the number switched.

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Re: Can I get a new phone for my pre-paid plan online?
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I am sorry to hear of any issues you have had with getting a new device. We want you to be able to enjoy getting that new device. So we can make sure all your options are presented to you with accurate information, please reach out to our Prepay team at 888-294-6804 for further assistance.

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Re: Can I get a new phone for my pre-paid plan online?
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Yes you can purchase a prepaid phone online but I recommend going to your local Best Buy as they have plenty of affordable Verizon prepaid phones and will sell them to you cheaper. It will depend on what you are looking for though are you planning on sticking with a basic phone or getting a smart phone? If you are looking to stick with a basic phone you can find some really cheap ones on Amazon and Ebay. If you are planning on getting a smartphone online at Best Buy or Verizon are the best bet.