Can I port my number if switching from a post-paid to a pre-paid and back to a post-paid?

This is a little convoluted, so I'll use bullet points.

1) I am currently on a family plan that is paid for by my former employer. I need to leave that plan by the end of this month.

2) I would like to port the number from this plan to a pre-paid plan on Verizon for 2 months.

3) After 2 months, I would like to port the same number back to a post-paid plan.

Is this possible? I understand I'll have to downgrade to a 3G phone for that time.

The only reason I want to do it this way is I want the new iPhone in October and if I sign a 2-year contract tomorrow, I won't be able to buy a new phone, right?

Or is the new phone not tied to when you start your contract, but rather to the last time you purchased a new phone? If that's the case, can I port my number to a new contract, use my old phone and buy the new one in October at the subsidized rate?

Thanks very much in advance!


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Well I think you can get the best answers if you walk into a VZW store. But to my knowledge, you will be able to convert your existing number and start a prepaid plan. Then once you have the prepaid plan, I believe it must be on the Prepaid account six months before you can convert it back to a contract account.

And as for the new phone, as long as you start your new contract with your existing phone, you should be able to get the new iPhone in october at the the discounted rate, the same rate you would get if starting a new contract.