Can I use my old smartphone for the $50 smartphone prepaid plan?

My old phone is a Verizon Samsung Fascinate, which runs on 3G service. The contract ended a long time ago and it's just been sitting around on my desk for years now.

Can I use this card with my old phone? And does it give me a new number? Or do I have to buy something else? I'm not sure how the prepaid process works.

Also, the card info says Carries over unused balance month to month and Expires 90 days after redemption. Does this mean that the 1 gb of data will carry over for 3 months if it isn't all used?

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Customer Service Rep

Hey there, mehak! I'm a fan of our prepaid plans, so I'm happy to help you with your device and plan questions. First off, your Samsung Fascinate should work with our prepaid plans for smartphones. Insofar as the prepaid card terms, it appears that your interpretation of the carryover terms are correct. For additional information on how the card manages its balance, I recommend contacting Wal-Mart customer service.

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