Can Someone Please Explain My Pre-Paid Bill?

Since for some reason I cannot view my bill, even tho I am the sole account owner and have requested at least account manager role so I can do that, nothing happens....

Anyway, my contract expired (yay, never again) and I went to pre-paid. Pre-paid the 1st month, then I think I might have accidently paid twice. It says current balance $0 and has an expiration date of 12/19/13. However, I remember the sales rep saying to be sure to pay $60 by at least the 19th of every month because it will allow you to keep talking and texting, but it will charge you for each text, etc. for a full 2 months before it shuts off! So, I'm not sure where in that cycle I am. I surely don't want to be charged per text, etc. because the pre-pay is unlimited, but I'm also not looking to pay when nothing is due!

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Re: Can Someone Please Explain My Pre-Paid Bill?
Customer Service Rep

SkinnyBuffalo, I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I want to ensure you have a full understanding of your prepaid account. I would suggest reaching out to dedicated prepay team at  888-294-6804 to provide a detailed description of your monthly deduction.

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