Can not activate my new prepaid phone

On 11/28/14, I got a new smart phone and wanted to switch my plan and # to the new phone. That was 3 days ago!!! Not only is my new phone not working. My old basic phone does not work anymore. I was told I could keep using my old phone until they fixed the issue. I have been on the phone with tech support 4 times! Been on hold for at least 6 hours total over the past three days! Now I find out they had the same issue back in October. Verizon has the worst tech support on the planet!!! I have been all the way to the supervisor and still have no phone. I have been a prepaid customer for over ten years. I don't want to loose my phone number it's the only one I have. Also I live in the mountains and Verizon is the only service that works good up here. One of the tech people actually told me my plan was broken! Can you believe that my PLAN!!!

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