Can't Get (But Still Charged) Mobile Web on Samsung sch-u410 prepaid

Hi, I have a prepaid samsung sch-u410 which I used to use to access the internet for an extra 99 cents a day. The last time I used it was the monday before Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey shore. That same day I was hit with about 15 "picture" messages from a few unknown numbers (I rarely give the number out, but it seems my number got on someone's contact list and some malware got it). The "pictures" wouldn't come up when I opened some of the messages, even the phone actually has a camera and allows picture messages as well as text. So I deleted the whole bunch. The Verizon CSR I emailed assured me that the problem had been reselved and recommended calling the toll-free number next time I had a problem. OK, but I usually don't get close to a landline, so that would be a great stretch.

Anyway, the next time I used the Mobile Web was Nov 2, the friday after the storm, around Berlin, NJ. I reached the My Verizon page with the balance info, but can't go anywhere beyond that. No matter what option I use, it returns to the home screen as though I pressed "End" . I tried it for about a 20-mile stretch, with the same result. I can still text and make calls with the phone though.

The next day (Saturday) I tried to call Customer Service, but it must have gone on vacation, because I was stuck on hold for 30 minutes with messages pointing to the website. Three days later (Tuesday) I finally got a rep, who told me to 1) dial *228 to reprogram the phone and when that didn't work, 2) take the battery out the phone for 30 seconds. Then she consulted tech support and told me that the phone needed an upgrade and that I had to take it to a Verizon Store for the procedure. No problem; I run into at least 5 of them within a 30 mile radius. Imagine my surprise when she told me the nearest place in my area was Williamstown, NJ, and eternity out of my way. So dumb me takes it to a Verizon store in the area and she flat out told me that I needed a new phone (after giving me the "water damage" excuse).

So is it worth the effort to trek to the corporate store? I had the phone for little over a year, but after some research found out that the phone was manufactured around 2007-8 (feature phone era, I guess)

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Re: Can't Get (But Still Charged) Mobile Web on Samsung sch-u410 prepaid
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try *611 from your cell for customer service help. Maybe they give you more info.

Re: Can't Get (But Still Charged) Mobile Web on Samsung sch-u410 prepaid
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I hope you and your family have been able to stay safe through the storm dlclayton. Having a reliable phone is important, so I'm glad you're at least able to get those important calls out. If your phone does have liquid damage though, a software update may not be able to resolve the trouble you're having. If liquid has made it's way to the innards of your phone, it can have an effect on the phone's performance in lots of different ways. Sometimes effecting just voice or volume, other times effecting data or speeds, etc.

For the fastest assistance, you can reach our Prepaid Customer Service at 888-294-6804. When prompted, enter the prepaid phone number. Then press 4, 5, 4 and then enter your pass code for your account.  If you do not know the pass code enter in four zeros.  Then the system will transfer you to a Prepaid representative.

Thank you

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