Can't activate SIM
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Got SIM in mail with old number "already" transferred over, activation doesn't work, called (800) 922-0204, robot is worse than useless. Phone tree that reaches "for prepaid activation, press 1", next prompt is the generic if-you-want-to-start-a-new-prepaid-account line. Trying to reach a person through normal methods (i.e. pressing 0) just has the robot hang up on me, but I am reassured that it's very sorry. Any help, please?

Re: Can't activate SIM
Enthusiast - Level 2

I had a number change go through, so I lost the above account.

I had to chat with a support agent to resolve the issue ("Chat with us" button at the bottom right of the dashboard). I think it wasn't working, because I submitted a phone number port at the same time I ordered the SIM, and they didn't give me a Vzn number in the mean time. I couldn't say for sure, though. The agent activated the line and got me a temporary number, and I'm good to go. I will say that, as my second line, the plan ordered should have been $35, but they took the full $50. Then the $35 was applied to the plan, and I have $15 left over to use next month. Not ideal, but it works, and the nightmare is over.