Can't activate my LG Cosmos 3, already activated?

Just opened my new cosmos 3 and started the activation only to find that they have no record of the order and the phone is already activated? i have my receipt and gave the info to the phone rep. i was told that she needed me to pay $50 to start the unlimited plan. i had already paid this when i ordered the phone online in the Verizon store. it's also on the receipt. we came to a stand still and she was no longer able to help me. i then went to the Verizon store hoping that showing the receipt to a person would help. Sadly he was placed on hold and transferred around till he got the message that the offices where closed. I need help. i don't know what to do next to get this phone running.

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Re: Can't activate my LG Cosmos 3, already activated?
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We want to make sure that your device is working Bakerlady! I am here to see that happens. Please send me a follow request and send me a message with your name and a contact number. I will be sure to reach out to you to better assist.

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