Can't log into Data Only plan, it requires text message with verification code, but can't receive texts on data only plans
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I signed up for a Data Only plan and have a SIM card in my MOFI.  It works great for WiFi in my RV, but ... when I try to log into My Verizon account, thru web browser or the app, it wants to verify it is me by sending a text message associated with the phone number on the SIM card.  BUT, a hotspot like the MOFI can't receive text messages.  So I can't log into my account.  I want to monitor my data usage.

When I call tech support they are useless.  They just reset my password each time and then I can log in one time, but the next time it goes thru this text message verification process.  When I was able to login the first/only time,  I looked for two factor auth to turn it off but it isn't an option with data only plans (it is will phone plans).  Tech support said there are no setting on their end they can change to fix/change this.  I've tried tech support several times.  It auto logs me out and then I can't get back in because I can't receive the six-digit pin texted to the phone number associated with the SIM card.  

Note: I got the SIM card as a BYOD from a big-box store, maybe Walmart or Target, I forget.  I am receiving the data thru the MOFI fine.

Device: MOFI - MOFI4500-4GXLTE-V2

Plan: $80 plan with 100GB of data

Re: Can't log into Data Only plan
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This is definitely not the experience that we want for our customers, please allow us to take a look on your account to check more in depth this situation with your service, so we can be able to solve this for you. For that, please feel free to send us a private message, so we can assist you with this. Verizon is always here to help!