Can't make any calls-WiFi calling/cellular network

I have a Moto E4 Prepaid Device. After it updated I can't make or receive calls or texts. I can't even connect to my data. If I try to call it says I need to activate wi-fi calling or something to do with the cellular network. I've looked up how to activate Wi-Fi calling but I don't have that option. I've contacted tech support and they haven't been able to help me. I've done a factory reset, network settings reset, tech did some stuff on their end.

Has anyone had this happen? How did you fix it

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Re: Can't make any calls-WiFi calling/cellular network
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a.gill We all depend on our service so let's make sure you can make/receive calls. Does this happen at a specific location or everywhere? May we have your Zip Code? Please go to settings > more > tap cellular networks > tap preferred network type > tap LTE/CDMA.

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