Can't pay my bill online

I have a basic prepaid phone plan and I pay it online and for a WEEK straight, trying numerous times a day, have tried and tried to pay my bill. I get to the last step and push the button to confirm payment and this blank (as in all white except for the close button in the corner) window pops up and absolutely nothing happens after that. ive tried waiting to see if something was going to load up in the blank white box. I have restarted my ipad. I have cleaned my cache. Nothing is working.  I am frustrated to the point of dumping Verizon and going somewhere else where they want my money bad enough to make sure their online bill pay works correctly.

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Re: Can't pay my bill online
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You should never be frustrated when trying to pay your bill Lala982. I'm sorry about the difficulties with using our online system. I recommend calling our Prepaid department at 877-777-5759.

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