Cannot Pay with Verizon Prepaid Cards
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I am on Verizon Prepaid plan.  I was able to use Verizon Prepaid cards to load my my account since I ported over.  Then about 2 cycles ago, I was attempting to load a prepaid card, but lost track of which one I had used.  I had tried a few, but they were used.  The problem is I then got an error message saying I exceeded the number of tries on prepaid cards and to wait 24 hours.  I waited over 3 weeks until nearing the next cycle.  With the first attempt, it gave me the same error.  I tried more than 24 hrs later and same thing.  I even contacted chat support and the card was good, but said I exceeded the number of tries, which I did not on that attempt.  It looks like my account needs some kind of resetting to allow prepaid cards again.  In addition, I had moved and changed my address, but the they charged me the same tax as my old address.  That is another problem, which I have to  deal with now.  Can anyone help with guidance?

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Re: Cannot Pay with Verizon Prepaid Cards
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Hello,Dumbo1501. We want to ensure you receive the help you need to resolve this issue. We are sending you a Private Note to assist you further.