Change my new prepaid plan or start over?

My ultimate goal is to get an LG Cosmos on $35 prepaid plan.

I took a gamble an bought a LG env3 because it is an older phone with 3mp camera and flash. I read that people would buy this phone and then call to cancel the data plan. Perhaps these people's situations were different because this information was within the last year or so. I was looking to use it on the $35 prepaid plan. However, things have changed so the only option was a $60 monthly plan with 2gb data. This plan is better suited for the new smartphones you can get on prepaid. If I wanted that I would have got that instead.

So I have an older phone with less capabilities to take advantage of today's standard offerings yet paying for the same. I don't want to pay for it anyways.

I have already paid for one month at $60. I activated July 19th. Can I buy an LG Cosmos prepaid version (Amazon, eBay [Verizon doesnt appear to let you buy the phone by itself) and activate now and then will that $60 I spent go towards changing my plan to $35 monthly? Or I am stuck with this month's service under the $60 and need to wait til end of month? Or should I just let my service cancel after month and start over with a LG Cosmo prepaid purchase account through Verizion store?

I am kind of afraid to take a risk with a phone off amazon to activate on this account. Stories of people getting phones that need to wait 6 months... I feel more comfortable with a phone from verizon directly and any warranty benefits that entails.

If I have to get a new number it is not a big deal.

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