Changing plan

Hi, I was currently on the prepaid 50 dollar plan, i just swith to the 60$ plan

My question is, they ask me to add alteast 10$ so i went and added the 60. But they only charged me 10. And got left with a balance of 50. Now, do i have to add more funds to keep my service when it expires? Or was the 10$ out of the 60 was sort of a down payments i guess i can say. Plus i got 2 gigabytes out of the 10 im suppose to get now.

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Re: Changing plan
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We are always here to help, moreno.cesar2890. I know how important it is to make sure your account has the correct funds. 


We do not have access to Prepaid account here, but you can contact our Prepaid team by phone for assistance. To reach our Prepay Team, please dial 888-294-6804 from a number other than your prepaid phone. When prompted, enter your prepaid phone number. Then press 4 (for questions or to change something), then 5 (for Store Locations or Billing Questions), then 4 (for Customer Service Rep) and then enter your pass code for your account.  If you do not know the pass code, enter in four zeros. Then the system will transfer you to a Prepaid representative.


Once they access your account, they can advise if more funds are needed to keep the service once it has expired. They can also address your concern regarding the amount of data you received.


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