Charged twice for service
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Hello. Hope you all are staying safe in these times.


My bill was up to renew on the 22nd and I wanted to change my plan to the 70$ unlimited plan. I was on the 35$ plan before. There does not seem to be an intuitive way either through the verizon website, the mobile site, or the My Verizon  app to change the plan on the next cycle - every time I tried, it wanted me to lay the difference for the plan for the last few days on my bill(40$),  and charge me again full price (70$) right after. Wishing to avoid this, I turned off auto renew so I could manage the plan switch and pay manually.


I switched my plan to the unlimited plan, and on the 23rd I was charged 38$, though I didn't know it. The verizon app said I had to add funds to activate my plan, so I did so and was charged 70$ on the 25th. I later discovered both charges.

Here is my billing history.Here is my billing history.

Is there a way this discrepency can be resolved ? If so, what is the best way to do so ?

Thank you very much.