So from what I understand that we have to let Verizon know if we are unable to pay our phone bill and they waive the fees and what not. So, I'm not able to pay my bill which is due on the 1st of next month, due to the fact of this virus, my job has cut my hours dramatically. Not enough business for everyone to work. So, how do I get ahold of them to let them know? Online or call? 

Re: Covid-19
Re: Covid-19
Customer Service Rep

Sonja, Verizon is committed to keeping Americans connected. We continue to closely monitor developments related to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus. Our goal is to ensure you stay connected during this trying time. Per our COVID-19 relief, if you are experiencing hardship because of COVID-19 and cannot pay your bill in full, we will not charge you a late fee or terminate your service through June 30, 2020. This policy has been extended from its original end date of May 13, 2020.


To qualify, you must let us know that you are experiencing hardship by completing this short form. 


Once you have submitted your hardship form, your account will be protected from late fees and service termination through June 30, 2020. There's no need to contact us to confirm receipt of your form, your account will be updated accordingly.


You only need to submit the form once. If you have previously submitted it, you don't need to submit again; your account will continue to be protected until June 30, 2020.


Note: If you are currently registered for Auto Pay and want to temporarily pause this feature, you can do so by managing your Auto Pay settings.


For more information, you may click here:  See "Important policy information and special offers section, question 1: If I can't pay my bill on time because of COVID-19, will I be charged a late fee or have my service disconnected?"