Credit on prepaid plan?

I just upgraded my wireless plan and my phone today.  I added my husband to my account with family plan. He has a pay-as-you go plan and had recently bought a $30 refill card for his phone. Since he will be on my plan as soon as the new phones get here what kind of credit can he get for his remaining amount on the card?  Will he just lose this?

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Re: Credit on prepaid plan?
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If he is switching to a contract account they will give him a credit on the contract account for whatever amount is left on the prepaid account. as long as he has had the prepaid for 6 months, but he would have to be put on the contract accoun t with the phone he has now or otherwise it would be counted as a new account. I'm not real sure about that part so call customer service at1-888-294-6804 to be sure before you get your new phones and do the switch with the prepaid cell.