Customer Service for Trade-Back Refund Program
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I have called over 10 times since my original submittal on September 23, 2014.  Each time that I have called, I have been told that the issue has been escallated and I will receive an email in five days regarding the status - each week I receive NO email. The cycle starts again - I call, told it will be escalated and I'll get an emiail, no email, call back and start over again.  This has now been going on for FIVE months.

Today, I called four times - the first, the representative put me "on hold" and hung up on me.  The second, I was routed to three different unanswered numbers, the third put me on hold for 20 minutes and then the Verizon Customer servive line rang and tehy routed me back to the recycling department and the fourth time, I was told to check my spam folders. It is a cycle of bad service and frustration. I can not seem to get any assistance or any answers whatsoever.

I have been patient and diligent for the last five months attempting to get status of my refund and my gift card. Every avenue that I have tried has not been successful.Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions of how to handle? It seems taht the help line does not keep track of my efforts, my calls or my status - so every time I have to start completely over.

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Re: Customer Service for Trade-Back Refund Program
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As customers, we have to show corporations that we deserve an answer. If you do not get the answer, time comes to take a decision, for instance, call for the last time and warn the company you will be leaving them and go with the competition. Also, threathen to take the survey and tell the rep that takes your call that you will give them a "0" if they do not, at least, treat you with respect and dignity. The survey scores hits the reps pockets...