Customer "service" phone maze needs a complete redesign
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A billing glitch with my prepaid account required me to talk to a real person to solve my problem. First I tried calling *611, but each attempt got me into a dead-end phone maze that only allowed for routine automated transactions. There was no option given for speaking to a customer service representative.. NOT ONE! None of the options allowed me to return to the main menu, either, so each dead end required that I hang up and start over.

Several times I also tried entering "0" for a live person as most other companies allow, only to get the following message: "We're sorry you're having difficulties. Goodbye [click]" What idiot thought that one up??? WHEN A CUSTOMER IS HAVING DIFFICULTIES YOU SHOULD NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER SAY GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless your goal is to say goodbye to a customer forever! In fact, if I didn't have a fairly substantial prepaid balance to protect, that definitely would have been the end of my 12-year relationship with Verizon.

I also tried calling other numbers listed on the so-called "support" section of your website, which were accompanied by  the words "We have Customer Service Representatives that can help with your account, plan and bill questions." That is a lie. These numbers directed me into the same dead-end phone maze described above with the same disastrous results.

I then called my local Verizon store, and on the first try I got sucked back into the same dead-end phone maze as before. I tried my local store a second time, selecting the "sales" option. That got me to a local person, but she couldn't deal with my problem. She gave me two other toll-free numbers to try. The first one sent me back into the same dead-end maze, while the second one was no longer in service.

In desperation, I joined this forum. In one thread I found the number to the "porting" department, which took me to a live person almost immediately. They in turn transferred me so a customer service rep who was able to solve my problem in five minutes. But my total time invested was closer to two hours. That is unacceptable!

Last year I had similar difficulties, but was finally able to connect with someone after about 30 minutes of trying. This time it took two  hours, clearly indicating that Verizon customer service has gone from bad to horrific in less than 12 months.

So by this post I'm putting your company on notice. The next time I need help, if I don't get it on the first or second try, I will end my 12-year relationship with your company that very day. I will also post my experience on Facebook and every other public forum I can find. That's a promise. So fix your dysfunctional phone maze if your want to keep me as a customer.

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