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I recently purchased an iPhone4 along with the $45 a month plan. At the time of purchase I added an extra 500mb of data in case I would run out of data, but after having the phone for over 2 weeks I've only used about 24mb of the 512mb allowed with the $45 a month plan since I mostly use wifi. I added another 500mb on top of the 500mb I added at the time of purchase while messing around trying to remove the first add on. Bottom line is I don't want any data add ons because I don't need them. Will I be charged if I don't use them? Can I remove them?

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Re: Data add-ons
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Congratulations on your new phone, Tishaelease. I understand the importance on choosing the best plan for you. Based on the information you have provided, I see you are referring to Bridge Data for our Allset plans. In order to best assist you, please reach out to our Prepaid department at 888-294-6804.

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