Data issue with 1 of 3 lines on 15GB prepaid plan
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Since our plan renewed on 2/1/2021 one of the lines has not had access to it's data. The other two lines are working as expected. I also noticed that the money available on the account for that line remains available after the monthly renewal which would normally deplete those funds. It seems clear this is an internal issue in Verizon's systems in the process of billing and provisioning of services. 

For the line not working, there is a small x next to the signal bars.  Calls and texts work fine, just no data access.  After multiple calls for support having tried all the troubleshooting steps including resetting connections multiple times, rebooting repeatedly, removing and re-inserting the SIM, etc... A ticket was created last week - NRB000010421745


As of this past Friday we called in to check the status and we're informed that it may take several more days for the ticket to be resolved.


As of the time if this post we still have not been contacted with an update on the ticket status and still do not have data on this line with 1/3 of the billing cycle over. While I appreciate the small credit that Verizon did give us, the bigger issue is that the user of this phone needs mobile data access!!  I feel like the hours spent on the phone with support have been wasted and we don't have time to keep calling in to 611 


I'd like to believe that Verizon Wireless has the appropriate resources to get this resolved promptly, but that remains to be seen. 


Any help with this issue is appreciated!