Diamond Wireless, Priceing of Replacemnt Phone

I have a prepaid account.  I purchased a replacement phone.  The only store person told me that because I already had an account that he could not sell me the phone, he had to open a new account.  I noted the price he told me.  The price had 4x, shock!.  I tell him he can sell me the phone, he insists he can not.  I then require that he sell me the phone.  Once out of the store, I activate the phone.  I then go to a different store and use their phone.  I speak to customer service and get the IMEI of the new phone put on the account, the "required" number closed, the unexpected $15 fee the I was told was attached to new activations on-line.  That fee was applied to my account balance.  Should you discover this problem occurs simply do not argue with the store person, and have customer service assist.

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