Did not receive data package


  I've had my plan for about 2 years and never had an issue until last night. I made a purchase for a 3gig data package but never got it, the monies I put in just sat there but when I checked about an hour later the money was taken but no data was received. I made another payment and received the data however the previous payment seems to be lost somewhere.

  I have tried reaching out online and called all the listed numbers: 888-294-6804, 800-922-0204, *611 and even the local store number but all redirect me to the same automated area and each time it says that they cannot connect me to customer service for prepaid services. I just want a credit to my account for the 3gigs or the $20, but I can't reach anyone. Is there a way someone can contact me or is there a better number available so I can fix this without going thru my bank and filing a dispute? I just want to rectify this issue, thanks.

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Re: Did not receive data package
Verizon Employee

Rnparker78, I know that I too would share this same concern as well with making a purchase for a plan, and not receiving what I have paid for. Let's make sure you reach the correct party to get this taken care off. First, since it has been a few days, have you been able to get this taken care of through customer service & prepay? If not, please dial 888-294-6804, but try calling it from a different phone if you have one available.

While navigating the automated system, please wait for the prompts each time before entering in a number. The automated system menu prompts you will want to select are: 4, 6, and then 4 again. This will route you to a live person after entering in some additional account information.

If you are still unable to get through, I will send you a DM. Please respond back through there and we can help get you connected to our prepay teammates.

Thank you!


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