Disney Mobile Magic App on Prepaid

To Verzion and or the community, I have just spent 2 hours on the phone with your customer (NO) service about my LG Accolade PREPAID (VX5600) with S/W #vx506p02 not being able to install the Disney Mobile Magic App which was the #1 resason I even purchased this phone and the prepaid plan. I researched this phone and this app and no place did your website at "http://mediastore.verizonwireless.com/onlineContentStore/index.html#selectedItemID=35607857&displayN...'" state that this app would not work on a prepaid plan in fact when you view the compatible phone list the LG Accolade PREPAID is listed with pre paid all in caps to me that means it would work with this phone. I then purchased this phone and a $15 card to be able to purchase and run this app $.99/day mobile web. Only to find out after 2 hours on the phone with Richard one of your engineers that this phone may or may not run on the prepaid plan as it is written. That he did not have enough information to tell me, or would not tell me. Either wayI would like two things to happen #1 with in 48hours update the above website to indicated in Bold Plan English not a Crapy foot note fine print that this app will not run a prepaid plan and to remove all the prepaid phone from the compatiblity list. #2 To for you Verzion to work with Disney to rewirte/patch this app to run on the prepaid platform and task that will take a software programer no more that 5 minutes top. This is an app that all on verzion with compatible phone should enjoy not just those with contracts. I know Disney would have no problem with this app on the prepaid network so that leave you Verzion to get this fixed and FAST. As it Is Verzion i have gone through a lot of hoops just to get a phone for this app that YOU sell, as the phones are very limited and once i found one and prepaid at that. Bam! It was lets giver verzion a shot. I have an Iphone on ATT so am not getting a new contract just for this app but droping $50 on a phone and the app that was okay. This was also a test to see how verzion wireless is and the customer service i am receiving here will make it a simple choice for when my ATT contract is up in a few months Switch to VZW or keep my iPhone on the Crap ATT network. So Far Verzion your Customer Service has been a big FAIL!.

BTW if any community members now a way to get this program on this phone please help!




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