Do your monthly minutes disappear when you use your phone?

I do not understand it. I went to Verizon Overview and I found out that my $70 monthly unlimited plan just disappeared. It was like every time I text-ed or emailed or used the web, I felt like money was being taken out of the $70 a month. Could someone explain to me if one can $45 a month unlimited talk text and 500 MB of data that paying $70 a month for unlimited talk text and web for more MB's of data should be different and not apply to this situation. If one texts and talks under The Unlimited Plans, why shouldn't Instant Messages be added to the grouping? I am just confused. On March 12th, I had $70 of minutes tucked away and now on March 17th, my balance is zero. I do not understand it. Okay, my phone is showing that minutes are being taken away from my account, not from the minutes I have set aside for "phone time" but I don't see why the phone minutes should be depleted after 5 days of usage. These prepaid phone plan packages need to be reconfigured. After all, shouldn't 31 days of unlimited talk and text should have data/web included and be priced under $100 so all could afford it?

I am happy with the services but I am confused about what I receive when I buy $70 worth of minutes that I have been under the impression will take care of 31 days of each month. When I signed up for the $70 minute cards, I was not signing up for "pay as you go", I was signing up for monthly services. Please help me out. I am all ears on knowing how to resolve all this.

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Re: Do your monthly minutes disappear when you use your phone?

First of all, it sounds like you are indeed on Verizon prepaid service (pay as you go).  If you buy a refill card to add money to your account to pay Verizon, you have prepaid service.  If you had non-prepaid service, you would have gone through a credit check to set up your account and you would get a bill from Verizon each month.

With prepaid service you can get a month of unlimited talk, text, and web (500 MB) for $45 but you have to be signed up for the correct plan.  It sounds like you are on the wrong plan. 

Go to My Verizon and look at your Plan.  You are probably on a Daily plan, either Prepaid Basic (25 cents a minute to talk, plus 10 cents for each text) or 99 cent Daily (99 daily access fee, plus 10 cents a minute talk, plus 10 cents for each text). Plus you pay 99 cents for one day of web access with either plan.  Those plans are OK for people who just talk a few minutes here and there, but if you are talking/texting a lot you could easily burn through $70 in just a few days!

In My Verizon, change your plan to a Monthly Plan.  You can select the plan $45 Basic Phone Monthly.  That plan has the features and price you expect. 

Unfortunately because of your mistake, you will have to add more money into your account to pay for your first month, but the good news is that you CAN get unlimited talk/text/web 500MB for $45 a month once you switch from a daily plan to a monthly plan.

If you buy another $70 Verizon card, add it to your account, and switch to the $45 Basic Phone Monthly Plan, there will be $25 left in your account to apply toward next month's fee.