Does Verizon has the right kind of prepaid plan for me?

I am very confused when reading about Verizon's prepaid plans on the site. It looks like that they are still monthly bills to pay. The thing is, I am out of the country most of the time. The reason why I am considering switching to a "prepaid" plan/phone is, so that I don't have to pay the monthly bills when I don't use my phone at all. I am having trouble finding info on Can anyone tell me whether or not Verizon has the kind of prepaid plan that I just put enough money in my account to keep my line/number, and then pay as I use it? Where is the info? Or, would you recommend that I switch to a certain provider for this?

I currently have a Verizon line. I don't want to buy a new phone, and I would like to keep my number.

I am asking the questions here because I am overseas, having big trouble connecting to anyone at Verizon! Frustrated. Please help!


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Re: Does Verizon has the right kind of prepaid plan for me?

There are Pay As You Go plans but you may run into issues with international use anytime you're out of the country it's a better idea to get a SIM card from a carrier in the country you are in. You can get pay as you go that expire in 30 days up to 90 days but if you don't keep it paid up and current it Cancel and you lose your number

Re: Does Verizon has the right kind of prepaid plan for me?
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actually since November 15, Verizon stopped offering payasyougo or the $0.25/minute and $0.20/ text. as of now, the only offered plans for basic phones are the $15 monthly plan which do have 300 units or the $30 unlimited text/call/web or if you do have a smartphone that will be $30 unlimited text/call/no data, $45 unlimited talk/ text/ 1GB or $60 unlimited call/text/3GB of data. I just don't know but if you would like to get the old plan that Verizon used to offer, this might be like a retired plan form that the customer service representatives will create for you that might take to 72 hours. so it all boils down to your call. hope I answer your question Smiley Happy