Does anybody know how to add $$ to somebody else's PrePaid account
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Trying to add money to a friend's pre-paid account. It use to be easy on the Verizon site, now it is the equivalent of sitting through a 3 hour lecture that you leave feeling like the life has been sucked out of you.

I am trying to give money (revenue) to Verizon for someone's account. I don't need to know their PIN, or their password or shoe size, just want to say, here Verizon is some money to put on this specific cell phone number and you make a profit along the way.

I would think this would be a very easy transaction for Verizon, give them money and they take it, so bill is paid before they have to provide any service. I can put Thousands of dollars on my kid's college bookstore and everything else cards without needing their password or PIN, so why can't Verizon do this anymore?

How can this be done WITHOUT having to have someone's PIN or Password?

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Re: Does anybody know how to add $$ to somebody else's PrePaid account
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I would call in to prepaid customer service with the phone number and explain the situation to them. Maybe they can take a payment for you?  I know that I have called and made a payment for a family member's post pay account and they were able to take my payment. They just couldn't give me any personal info