Dropped calls, failed texts
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Used to have great service until about a year ago. Never had text failures. Now SMS failed occur 4-5 days a week. Voice calls are horrible - get disconnected almost every call.

LTE 4g is unusable. Happens with Motorola X4, Note 9, and even iphone.

Can I expect this to be the new normal in my local area? Zip 91765

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I haven't had text issue but many myself included have been reporting for some time problem with signal problem all that seems to happen on here is script reply but no response as to fix or help calling is no better as just get same script and excuses and hung up on been my experience had one tell me other day that the my Verizon app is some how the fix as according to him it job is signal i.e reception of phone signal when asked where and what setting I got ignored other claims no reported outages and or not a known issue and my favorite it's just your device i.e buy a new phone off how so many others have issue as well guess phones all over are suddenly all bad and need replacing hmm 

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@juan2tok ,

We always want to know right away if something is happening with your services, so while a year is a very long time to go like that, thank you for reaching out to us now. Does this only happen when you are at home, or at other areas as well (including places outside of 91765)? How far from this area do you need to travel before it improves? Is it a certain time of day that you notice these issues?