Wouldn't it be much better if a subscriber on any plan had the opportunity to set a Time Out Point on their Account or if it is not set by them that a Default Time Out Point is then Activated which will cut the Service Off so that the user must phone-in to get the service functioning again instead of stealing the minutes - if they miss some date which they would need to add cash to their phone account. I think this is especially true for PrePaid Phones, most people have times in their lives they do not even think to carry a phone much less use one or read emails. If Verison did this it would be in good standing with Auto Companies which sell automobiles, the automobile simply will not function until a payment is made and they are not penalized because this happens and believe me it does happen more than one time in a owners lifetime.


Does that mean you think that everyone with a PrePaid Phone has people itching to call them. Look at my account sometime when your not spending the stolen money on homes and automobile payments and you will see that very few of my calls went through and no one called me ever.


Don't think it can't happen to you cause if you buy a new car now days that is exactly what will happen no matter where you are and that auto will not restart, you are almost being forced to have a cellular phone in your pocket or a OnStar Service in your car which you can then make that payment to get the auto to function again, it don't cost you any money for when that happens but how Verison has this subscription setup you can't have your balance back you had because some stupid a__hole inside the executive suites of Verison headquarters believes that this method of stealing needs to be endorsed by everyone including WikiLeaks and Osama Bin Laden that started the financial meltdown as a threat and is continuing to get supporters. Today I read that many Britons are changing their faith to Islam because they have a hatred for the leadership of tthe UK and because they have VAT Tax increases.


So Version stole my Christmas of $28.46 and the executives think its 'Expired' but is not 'Stealing'. Scrouges Have Graves To.


Well stupido Executives, infomation does not expire it only gets better and better till one day it is so catastropic that even WikiLeaks seems to be onto the espionage game your playing but they are way far ahead of your theft threat that echoes around the world thanks to the modern Internet.


So that is the suggestion, not something like give me twice what it is worth or give me a Christmas Gift or I will burn your homes down or give me the number for the non-Islamic Scotland Yard. Nothing whatsoever have I contributed to your ideology that stealing is the right of business, never would I allow you to visit me, never would I give you the pleasure of accepting a gift you think you have paid for because it has happened more than one time and a lot of times with my friends so I figure you got a plenty big bankroll built up by now that it wouldn't hurt any at all to change the rules and regulations just a little bit before some judge on a bench somewhere decides that I am the only right person in the world and fines you $1 Billion Dollars just for thinking its Christmas or its a New Year.


Hey don't respond to this posting, it don't make any sense to me to respond back to you to endorse over and over what I said. It is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.



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Even though you say you will not answer this I will say it anyway.  Your told up front if you don't renew the card after a certain date your card will be deactiveated. Before using verizon  prepaid I used Tracfone and at that time never used it, just carried it for emergency's in the car. At that time the phone was so big I had to put it under the car seat because it didn't fit in the glove box. Every three months I forgot to renew it, and lost the minutes, was I upset? No I knew I would lose the minutes ahead of time and it was my responsibleably to renew the card, so I got a one year card so I would not have to worry about it. If you renew on time you get to keep the minutes you have left on the card, they will roll over till you get to the $1,000.00 mark.  I use to use my extra minutes to call out of state friends since I don't have long distance calling. Verizon has a good prepaid plan and it the same rules as Virgin Mobile, Tracfone, Sprint, ATT and everyone else. So buy the $100.00 card and it will be good for 365 days. If that upsets you then don't buy a phone. Thats the facts of life. You knew them before you bought the phone.


My opinion: you are both correct.

REM: they "steal" the balance IF you fail to reactivate BEFORE it expires.
and even though we know in advance, this is the policy, it is "legal stealing" / and is common in big business.

SO user beware, stay on top of the balance, or loose it.

users can complain to the company, note that all the major carriers use this same policy; or
users can complain to their State Representative and Congressman,
I highly recommend the second, as the companies will not change a policy that nets free gains.


I also believe that the carrier will be ahead of the others that is first to instiute a "delay deactivation policy"

that would be giving the customer a "grace period" of what? 30 days? to reacivate the contract before actually loosing the accrued minutes. -- of course the phone does no function untill reactivated.

--this would be a "yes we at Verizon really do care about our customers" statement.

and; if you think about it, the people that are using Pay as you go plans are using them because they cant afford a regular plan. Hello?



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First off, it's not stealing, not even 'legal stealing' as consent has been given. Stop using that word, it is a horribly bias choice in it's connotations. Second a grace period would be a pretty good idea (although I think that possibly adding a small fee may make it more palatable for the carrier as they do have to pay for the account maintenance to deactivate and reactivate the account).

It maybe  something you consent to but its not right.  its corporate mantality that shows that its not the customer that they are concerned about or even trying to be fair with but rather their CEO bonuses.  Have uou ever looked at the profit that thise bofos are making.  it is tremendous.  And I for one see it as greed.  consent is given because there no way to say no.  If I had a choice (I have a choice of carriers) and I choose not to then they loose out.  If I choose to consent then I loose out. not everybody is greedy just the big corporations who have made more than they and their children can spend in a lifetime.  should big corporations be cold blooded.  They cab still profit and be kind to customer.   or how about just fair.  that would be a nice change of pace but then corporate america is all about greed.  find me one corporation that isnt please.