Facebook not working?

I am new to the curve though not new to blackberries. I recently got on the Verizon Wireless prepaid plan.

I have the unlimited data plan, and the 450 minute/unlimited texting plan. I recieved the phone in the mail and had to pay $95 for more minutes as my balance said .1 cent even though I have unlimited for 450 minutes a month? .

I am trying to set up facebook and all it keeps saying is "You are currently on a service plan that does not support this application"... Shouldn't this work with the unlimited data plan which I do have? I am at a loss and extremely frustrated with this new setup.

And when I try to set up my email it says "unable to open email setup application. Contact your wireless service provider"...

Any helpful hints or input are greatly appreciated.

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Re: Facebook not working?

I am having the same problem with my Blackberry Bold 9650.  Same message with email set up and Facebook.  I can't use the internet browser, unless I am on a WIFI.  I have the same plan that you do and had the same experience with the account balance.  I also have to re-enter the 10 digit phone number after I have already dialed it, for the call to go through.  I had this same phone 2 months ago on my ex's plan and never had any of these problems.  I know if they continue, I am looking elsewhere for service!

Re: Facebook not working?
Verizon Employee

In both cases, I would recommend confirming your plans with our Prepaid Customer Care specialists. Please contact 888-294-6804.