False advertising on the new phone promotion for prepaid users

On the verizon website, it says $300 off Iphone 13 when you buy a new phone and add a line to existing account. The offer details below at the bottom. 

As per the offer, I should be getting the credit after activation, but in realty you are getting your credit after you pay 3 monthly charges which I feel is false advertising. Verizon is advertising that they apply promo in 12 renewals but in realty you need to pay for 14 monthly charges to get your total promotion credit. 

Just wanted to educate you people, because I felt this wasn't right by verizon

Offer Details:

Offer requires new 5G phone purchase with new Line activation on Unlimited or Unlimited Plus plan. $25 credit applied to Account Owner's balance after activation and renewals 2-12. Line must remain active on Unlimited or Unlimited plus plan; credits will not resume if eligible plan is discontinued. Credits not impacted by lost or stolen device for active Unlimited or Unlimited Plus line. Offer not available for tablets or hotspots. Offer may be combined with other offers. Taxes and fees may apply. Offer on ends 04/30/2022 or while supplies last.

Re: False advertising on the new phone promotion for prepaid users
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Community Leader

The bill credits will usually take 1-2 billing cycles to be applied. Once they are, they will credit you for the previous bill credits on that bill to catch you up to date. Within the next bill or two, the phone installment charges will be listed as "4 of xx" and the bill credits will be listed as "4 of xx" matching each other. 

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