Final monthly price of prepaid??

I am considering buying an iPhone 4s to use with VZW prepaid - the $70/month smartphone plan.  Can anyone tell me what the final monthly cost of this plan is?  All prepaid companies add taxes and stuff to their advertised prices, and in my experience, Verizon adds much more than others.  (I say this because when I was quoted a monthly price for postpaid service, it was about $100/month after my 17% corporate discount, but the rep said a final monthly bill would be a little over $120)

Also, there is a charge for anything above 2GB of usage each does that work on the prepaid plan?  Are they going to charge my debit card randomly?  I would rather the phone stop allowing me to use data when I reach my max, or maybe send me a text offering to pay $x if I want to add more GBs that month (like Pandora does with listening time).

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Re: Final monthly price of prepaid??
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Well with Verizon Prepaid there are not going to be any hidden costs or fees, which is great. The only extra fee you will pay will be taxes which are calculated using the billing zip code of the credit card that you are using to pay the bill, if you use a refill card to pay your bill the taxes will be paid at the store you buy the card from.

The $70 plan does come with 2gb of data usage, once you use that up, you have the option of purchasing an additional 1GB for $20. If you run out of data and you do not have extra money on your accout, you will not be able to access data. If you do have extra money on your acct, and you continue to use data after the 2GB has been used up, you will be charged $0.05 per MB until your plan renews.

Re: Final monthly price of prepaid??
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It depends on what the sales tax is in your state.  I got te $50.00 card and our sales tax is 7% so I paid $3.50 for sales tax and my total cost was $53.50

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Hi kiwilogan!

I understand your desire to use our Prepaid service, I have some friends and family members that find it very convenient as well! While we only offer the iPhone with our Postpaid accounts, we offer other Smartphones that can be activated with our Prepaid accounts, please visit this link to review those options. You can also activate your Prepaid service online at the same link or by calling (888) 294-6804 at your convenience.

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