Five Star Finn! The best Online VZW Agent to ever live!
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Hi, my name is John. I was having numerous problems with my account since i first activated it in March 2019. Today I contacted an online agent, with little to no expectaions of recieving any real solutions. Initially i was having connectivity issues so I contacted VZW tech support via phone. The first gentleman I spoke with id that the problem was because of the ONE tree in my yard; I didnt accept that answer so i asked to be transfered to Advanced TEch Support. Once connected I spoke with a woman that was very helpful and she promised to have the problem solved within 5 business days. 3 days later I saw a decent boost in signal strenth and internet speeds. Everything was going great until just last night (April 24,2019). I had recieved a new debit card over the past month and had forgotten to update my payment information. Autopay didn't go through, so i immediately updated my payment info, still to no avail, it did not work. Today, after i got off work, i logged into my VZW account to check on things, and noticed that my account ballance was sufficient enough for the payment to go through. 

This is where Five Star Finn comes in. He started out with getting my account reactivated, and then I mention the connection issues i had been having. I have an Ellipsis Jetpack with the $70 unlimited 4G LTE data, and I would recieve amazing internet speeds, and signal strenth ANYWHERE BUT AT MY HOME! I had one place in my house where i could recieve 0.4 - 0.8Mb/s download speeds with 2 signal bars. After a long 90 minute battle full of process of elimination, and troubleshooting Finn somehow found a solution that the 5+ CSR's that i have talked to in the past just could not seem to figure out. Now I still dont get great signal throughout my entire house, but when my Jetpack is in its happy place (propped up ever so carefully in my kitchen window) I now get 8-10 Mb/s throughout my house, and 19 - 25 Mb/s (with 2 signal bars!) in my kitchen and dining room. 

Long story short, Finn is the best online agent in my opinion. If i ever have to connect with another agent online, i;m going to pray that his name pops up. He handled the entire situation with excellent professionalism, while being friendly and relatable at the same time! He made what would have been 90 minutes that i wish i could get back, to 90 minutes that i'll never forget. Throughout data refreshes we had a few small talks and he informed me that it was his FIRST week, and he wanted to "make sure he does everything right." Five Star Finn, if you ever read this, thanks again for the wonderful experience which would normally be a teeth-grinding excursion with any other CSR's! I wish you the best on your journey with the VZW team!

"Everything small is just a smaller version of something big." - The Human, Finn

Re: Five Star Finn! The best Online VZW Agent to ever live!

If it help just know he is still out there being wonderful! I just got done chatting with him about a small question on my count and he was very professional but personable at the same time!