Frustrated with Verizon Prepaid Prices

Hi Everyone, 

So is it just me or does $95/mth seem too expenesive for a smartphone when I can do it on ATT for $70, or TMobile for $50-$10

WITH a Smartphone?

Don't get me wrong, I love Verizon. But it seems as though I'll have to wait for a cheaper Smartphone Plan lol lol lol. 


Just turned down the opportunity to get a Samsung Galaxy S for $60 (clear ESN, excellent condition), and saw HTC Droid Incredible for about $100, and other Droid & Droid X ranging from about $100-$200. The phones are so much nicer on Verizon which is why it's so frustrating. 

Would love to stick with Verizon, and even if they drop the bill down to $70/mth with some form of data/minutes/texts I'd switch back to Verizon. 

I can't really save money on Verizon to Verizon since most my friends now don't have Verizon, they're either on Sprint, US Cellular, or ATT. So can't save money that way, would have to get Unlimited Text+Unlimited Data (I need a smartphone for my job w/ unlimited or a lot of Data) which is $50+$44.99 (for the 450min plan) which is $94.99. 


I know Customer Service and Reception area is A+, but still, frustrated. 


Oh yes and if anyone knows how to make it cheaper that would be doable for my job requirements would love to hear ideas, thank you. 

Sry but had to get this frustration out there. 

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