Full service, LTE not working, calls dropped
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for 5 years I've had great service. Now, I can hardly use my phone. It says I have full service, with LTE signal. But websites won't load due to no internet connection,and my calls keep getting dropped. I've been in touch with too many Verizon agents to count. They've sent me a new sim card, reset everything in my phone, factory reset, AND NOTHING! They have tried to tell me it's because of where I live that I have bad signal. But it's been fine for the previous 5 years. Plus, my wife has the same phone with the same service, and she has no problem standing next to me using her phone. It's getting ridiculous. If Verizon can't fix this issue, I'm going to have to find another carrier.

Re: Full service, LTE not working, calls dropped
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Thank you for sharing so many details. It's great to know that you've had such great service, and I'm sorry to hear that it's not working so well for you now. However, if you've been through so many other troubleshooting steps already, and your wife has no issues with her service, then have you considered that something might be having trouble on your phone instead? What make/model is it? How long have you had this phone active? Also, you had posted this thread under the "Prepaid Plan" category - do you have prepay or postpay services?