Getting treated less because you have Pre pay vs Post pay,Robo caller hrassing you!

So I got to just ask this Question out there . Why is it when I call in I get  "We can not help you at this time" message ? AND! then you use the chat feature for the pre paid services to try to get something fixed. So let me start off with my first problem.


Verizon REFUSES to help stop the ROBO and Caller ID Spoofing from happening. I was getting calls from a 317 # I would block the # and they would call right back with a same area code but diff #. I get hold of my LOC PD and they can't help me .WHY? BECAUSE WHEN YOU CALL THE ROBO CALLER BACK YOU GET THE VERIZON MESSAGE THAT # IS NOT WORKING. So this falls back on Verizon to stop all this .So I'm trying to get this harassment from happening and to STOP! On 7/23 I receive 17 calls from the 317 area code .A pure harassment and abuse of the So calls to my pvt # you pay for. Now mind you also .I get calls from people who live in my very small town,who go to my church,Asking me, "Why are you calling me and harassing me with scams" Now once again I go to Verizon with this ,are they fixing it ? NO!


So here is what I get told to do  #1 Change my #

My answer ...are you going to change all my invoice paper and my cards,and are you going to pay of anything that is going to hurt my Business?

#2 Buy an app that stops them .Robo call thing

So I want to point out something if you go and buy time from Verizon they tell you that you get the same type of service ,no matter if your Pre Pay or post pay. But this convo show clearly if you want everything you need to fight Robo calls you have to get locked to to a contract and have your rates go up and down . I like my pre pay because it fits my budget as a senior. I feel that Verizon is taking advantage of seniors who are on a fixed income and trying to sell me stuff I do not want or need ,AND ! Not ! fixing my problem of the Robo caller harassing me.


Re: Getting treated less because you have Pre pay vs Post pay,Robo caller hrassing you!

I feel I need to add a few more detail about this convo with Verizon

When I got tired of hearing the sales pitch I asked for a supervisor ,I had to ask 3 time for one. Then I get one and had to start the entire processes all over again explain everything. You call and they have a chat history of all your problems on filed that is connected to your #. And Ya ask them to read it. But NO! That’s NO! So I have to do it all over and telling them the same answers ….AND ! To top it off they are trying to sell me a post pay contract.

I am a senior and a Vet .and Verizon is a big money maker who feels they need to feed off the people who are on fixed income. Back in March of this year they posted this.


Verizon to robocallers: Your days are numbered; starting in March, Verizon’s spam and robocalling features to be offered free to all Verizon customers

Now I pay VERZION for my service ,it should mean I am a customer of Verizon...YES? PER this statement they made,BUT! I am treated diff because I am Pre Pay . Were is the customer service towards Pre Pay people .