Horrible signal

My husband has been having issues with signal all of a sudden in the milledgeville, Georgia area when he has always had great 3-4 bar signal. And suddenly as of 08/21 he’s lucky if he gets 1 bar at most. Can’t make calls or text. Can’t open websites or apps at all. Verizon opened a nrb ticket 08/22 and we’ve not heard anything since then. We’ve heard he’s roaming, the towers down, he’s been redirected to a tower an hour away. Have been told engineers are working on it. We need to wait . Well it’s been over a week and we’ve heard nothing. We are about to go to AT&T. This is beyond ridiculous and we are tired of it.

Re: Horrible signal
Customer Service Rep

Tiredoftherunaround, help is here. It's important to have a reliable signal. Have you heard back from our network team, regarding your ticket? CourtneyM_VZW