How can I spend down my balance?

This may not be a problem many people have, but I currently have a pay-per-minute plan that I auto-pay $15 per month into to keep it active. I don't use my phone even close to that much in a month but that is the minimum amount you can auto-pay. Is there any way to pay a smaller amount which will keep the account active without adding to my balance? I have over $200 on my balance and I don't want to lose it, but it seems silly to keep putting $ in when I know I'm not going to use.


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Re: How can I spend down my balance?
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First of all if you bought the $30.00 plan the money would add up slower because it would  for 90 days where now your spending $15.00 every 30 days and its costing you $45.00 that way. Also they have a $100.00 dollar plan thats good for one year.  but I don't know how many minutes you would get with that. Now back to you problem, you could buy games or apps to listen to music that would use up time fast. But as long as you keep the phone activated you can accumunlate up to $1,000.00 so you have a long way to go. I use to use my extra minutes calling out of state friends since I didn't have a long distance phone plan. $15.00 is the smallest plan they have. Hope this helps a little.