How do I get a refund for an online order?

I recently placed an online order for 1 SIM and three lines for prepaid (I already had 2 SIMs). Upon receiving the SIM, I attempted to activate all 3. Activation did not succeed. I called Verizon support. The representative told me he "could not find" the original payment, even given the order number and location code. I would have to pay again to get the phones activated. So, I paid again. That did allow me to get service activated, and my account shows only the second payment. As such, I would either like the original payment to be refunded or credited to my account. As I type this I've been on the phone with 3 reps and hold for a total of one hour and twenty-five minutes. Please help.

Re: How do I get a refund for an online order?
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for sharing those details on your experience with the new service, lessonz. We'd certainly be glad to help get all the phones working fully and ensure all payment information is correct. Please send us a Private Message to look into things.