How do I register this product?

Cant reach a person in pre-paid...device works but I have no pin code to register it?  Can't they email it?  I called one number 18009220204 who said they do not do pre-paided.  The number that dept gave me 18882946084 for prepaid-- don't go to a human and seems to be some sales line for anything other than Verizon.  Cant reach a person in pre-paid...device works but I have no pin code to register it?  Can't they email it this to the email on file since I would not be able to get a text on the device?  Considering a factory reset based on all this [Removed].  Especially the run around number is bogus...not sure why they would have given me that --all it wanted to do was sell me stuff and get credit card information which seemed more a scam than legit. Thinks there is something questionable about that second number and considering filing a scam report on it!

So who do I contact to get a PIN code reg sent via email for the prepaid jetpack?

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Re: How do I register this product?
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Making sure you are able to reach the right destination for your prepaid services is our top priority. We truly apologize for the run around you have received with wanting to register your account online. We unfortunately do not have access to any prepaid accounts. We want to make sure we will be able to provide you the best assistance you are looking for.  The prepaid number we provided you (888-294-6804) is the correct number to reach our prepaid department.

Please follow the below steps to be able to reach a prepaid customer service rep.

Prepaid customer service 888-294-6804

1. Select 1 for English

2. Enter in your Prepaid Mobile device number

3. You will then listen to your balance information

4. Select option 2 for the main menu

5. Select option 7 for other options

6. Say “speak to rep” in the recording

7. Say “billing issue” (or mention your concern your looking for such as billing PIN)

8. Select option 3 to talk to rep

Please let us know if these steps work for you. If you may be looking for additional immediate assistance you can also visit our Corporate Verizon store location regarding your prepaid concern. Please view this link for your nearest store location


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Re: How do I register this product?

Yes, this is inconvenient but I will deal with it.  I have another ellipsis jetpack 700Lwas stepped on and isn't functioning so well so I went and bought a new refurbed hotspot same model.  Can I just put the Sim card into it  or will I have to call in to pre pay -so that this device can be activated due to a different IMEI?

I assume I will have to activate it but can they transfer my existing number from the old jetpack to the new one?  I would also need to reset my admin password so I can actually get into the online account and make any changes that are needed.  Which would mean a factory reset but I have been told that cannot be done on this model mhs 700L ?   I do not recall the master password.  Which would be why I would have to do a hard  reset rather than a soft reboot or a poweron/power off.  I was told it had to do with the limitations of their admi access only being online...but that wont help cause I do not have the password.