How do I sign up for prepaid???

I purchased an unlocked Galaxy s8 from Best Buy.  I went to a Verizon store yesterday to sign up for prepaid service. The rep took my info, had me sign some stuff on his table, and then charged my credit card. We put in the SIM card and though it registered verizon, it kept saying activation incomplete. He called Verizon and spoke with at least 6 different reps. All were useless. First he claimed it was my phone, then he said my credit card didn't get charged (it did, I looked up my account while in store and the charge was there), then he said the applicatio process was never completed. Every rep he spoke with asked the same stupid questions, asked me about my account (I've never had one with Verizon), and did nothing to help. Finally, after 2 hours of my life wasted, they refunded my money and I left. I am using the phone now with my tmobile account.

I have tried every possible way to sign up on Verizon's website, but EVERY TIME it checks my phone IMEI and SIM card, says my phone works fine, and then tries to get me to check out with a monthly service plan!! I have gone to the "BYOD" page a million times, and every single time this is what happens. I cannot order a prepaid plan online. When I go to prepaid, the choices are to either buy a device or "BYOD," and as already stated, the BYOD process is not allowing me to get a prepaid plan.

I have called the prepaid number, but of course, as many report here, there is NO way to reach a live person. Per instructions I read here, I tried hitting 0 many times. I just get hung up on by the automated service.

I have to assume that Verizon just does not want new customers. I have never, ever had such difficulty signing up for cell service. And I've dealt with what i thought were the worst- Sprint and AT&T.  But seriously, this is a joke. Verizon has got to be the absolute worst customer experience in the business.

And FWIW- I popped my tmobile SIM into my new s8 and it worked immediately. Not one.single. issue.

I purchased the unlocked version of the s8 specifically to be able to try out Verizon's service. But lesson learned.  I don't care if Verizon allegedly has better coverage- it is NOT worth spending 4+ hours of my life trying to give Verizon MY MONEY (and giving it and being told I didn't!) to get the service.

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Re: How do I sign up for prepaid???
Customer Service Rep

bdog2, this is never the kind of experience that we would want any of our potential customers to go through. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us and we’re sorry to hear that this has not been the case thus far. We’ve just sent you a Private Message so please check your inbox at your earliest convenience so we may work together to address these concerns.


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