How does Prepaid Work?
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While trying to figure out what features are included with a prepaid plan I found Prepaid Plans and Service FAQs;

"* Voice Mail may not be available in some areas. Voice mailboxes not set up within 60 days will be canceled. Airtime and other charges are incurred when using Voice Mail from your mobile phone. Mobile to Mobile Calling minutes don't apply to Voice Mail retrievals, and you'll be charged to maintain your connection to Voice Mail. Verizon Wireless is not responsible for missed messages or deletions of messages from your voice mailbox, even if you have saved them."

There is no prepaid plan that doesn't have unlimited voice so are you charging prepaid customers to access their voice mail? What is Mobile to Mobile minutes?

Verizon, your plans seem to change daily, that's fine, but the supporting documentation seems to be stuck. How can one trust anything found on your website with such flamboyant errors? Make a chart, link (or pop-up) each feature to explanations about the feature and install a process that requires someone at Verizon to view the chart every time a plan is changed. 

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Re: How does Prepaid Work?

It is left over language when there was not unlimited calling minutes or for anyone still on a limited voice plan.

Mobile to Mobile is Verizon mobile to Verizon mobile.

You can usually find what things mean through searches and links. I agree with you though, it should be made more user friendly.