How does one open a technical support ticket?

Everything keeps pointing me away from actually contacting a person or Verizon.   I've had them for 15 years, this may be the first technical issue I need to contact them about, making it hard.

Here's what I want to say, and I don't have all day -- or maybe I do, since I surely cannot work with the IP changing all the time:

I want to report a service problem.  I am traveling, and did not notice this problem last week – but it either started Friday, this weekend, or today (Monday) … I have a prepaid 4620L mifi which is the primary use device, but I am also seeing this same behavior on my phone.

I am a network engineer, so I’ll explain the issue technically…   Initially my connection was stable in this location (multiple days), and has been in prior locations, but I started to notice a large number of reset connections (work VPN being one).  I noticed my TCP sessions were dropping, which prompted me to realize my public IP is changing quite often.  4 IP’s just in the last 30 minutes.  This doesn’t seem right – would explain the TCP sessions dropping, which wasn’t happening before (or much less frequently).  IF this is expected or normal (is it part of a CGN config?  I am not familiar with the workings of CGN), I am curious as to the change in frequency.  It’s causing problems, so I suspect there is an issue.

IP’s I’ve gone through this hour:

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Re: How does one open a technical support ticket?
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I know your time is valuable and I want this resolved for you as soon as possible! I'm confident our prepaid team can resolve this. Please reach out at 888-294-6804. Thank you.

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Re: How does one open a technical support ticket?

I tried, been on the phone for hours.  Long story short, it wasn't helping.  My prepaid account is on a resellers account for the first 90 days, until I transfer it.  My contract phone is my only call method from this location, and in general, which was in issue with doing remote diagnostics and testing, etc.

The other part is my voice service is spotty, it's very common to get dropped calls if I am talking for more than 15 minutes or so.  I'm just speculating, but literally - when the wind blows, I seem to have more issues in general.

I'm thinking there is a tower issue, my WWAN logs clearly show I am constantly getting disconnected, but I reconnect right away.  My signal level is ok, not great, but good enough.

Anyway, the real point of my post -- I really want a method to communicate and open a ticket / report my issue electronically. The voice thing just isn't working well in this case.  I had no luck with chat either, but the other challenge there was just getting to the right person -- all questions and methods tried to direct me away from a person, and then I even got to the wrong group , to sales twice.

I am in zip code 93105.  The issue started on Friday 04/25 at about 7:20 PM PDT.... which, maybe only coincidentally, there was very high winds that night and into the next day, and today also.