How to add minutes to pay as you go phone

I'm probably missing something really obvious but I just want to add minutes to my phone online and I can't find a link anywhere, every one I click takes me to my account page where there is no option to refill.

Any help would be great!

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Re: How to add minutes to pay as you go phone
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Do you have a password and are you signed up on the prepaid wireless page?? After you put in your cell 10 digit  number you need to put in your password then a page will come up that will give you options on how to refill, either by using a prepaid cell card, or auto pay or buying the prepaid card or credit card.  right frim the web site and putting the number in there.  You said you can get to your account  is there something that says   MyVerison2.0 login?  or and enter  your 10 digit cell number and password, if you do not have a password you will have to register and you will be offered different ways to  refill your cell. Hopes this helps.

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